Uroboros (LP) [Vinyl]

Uroboros (LP) [Vinyl]
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Many groups performances leave little behind to remember; Dir En Grey, with its unusual rhythmic interplay and ability to catapult a listener between the worlds of Alice Cooper and Charles Aznavour, resonates in memory like a living mystery. Call it depth. –LA TimesDir En Grey has transcended the language barrier in the United States through its music — which mixes pop elements with metal, incorporating lyrics that vocalist Kyo sings and screams… –Billboard Magazine …

Formed in Japan in 1997, DIR EN GREY has conquered the Japanese rock scene with lyrics that convey sorrow, darkness and anger in modern society. The band has received international critical acclaim for their masterful translation of the lyrics to their dramatic stage show, which includes self-mutilation and bloodshed. They have toured extensively in the US, including a run with Deftones and an appearance on Korn s 2006 Family Values Tour. Currently the band is preparing for the release …

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Uroboros (LP) [Vinyl]

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